Snuggies and snow

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Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you that I no longer have to live with this!

Everyone is talking about the Blizzard of 2011. Pictures abound of the frozen tundra in the nation’s heartland. I see my family and friends’ facebook statuses and offer a sympathetic shiver your way. It’s rather fun living vicariously with my windows open and a pleasant breeze wafting through my home. Just sayin.’ So in honor of the blizzard, may this post warm your heart wherever you are. 

Here are a few pics taken during Christmas. My sister Lorri visited from Chicago and when several inches of snow landed in our area, she and I set out to be silly. 

I just realized this is a heart-shaped snowball! Awww
Ok, so I might have forgotten how to make a proper snowball, big wup. 

Snow much fun

My dad isn’t in this picture but I bet he was in a line like this! 

Because of this much heralded storm, I also discovered something. I celebrated my fifth birthday during the Storm of ’67! I can still picture my father trudging out in the freezing snow on my birthday. He trekked through that blizzard to  the grocery store to buy me a birthday cake. It was strawberry and I couldn’t recall how old I was until everyone started talking about this wintry blast. How cool is that? Positively serendipitous. 

When Lorri and I were finished with our snowpeople, we went on a lark. Playing in the snow wasn’t simply fun enough. One night prior to her departure, my younger sister and I decided to strut our stuff on the “catwalk.” Btw, I made the items Lorri and I are wearing. We did not pick them up in New York City or Paris. In fact, if you’d like to duplicate my efforts, here’s the link

Here’s Nate posing at home with his new snuggie. 
Dramatic re-enactment of a sleeping cadet

Did you know that snuggies are the rage at West Point too! Nate and I have matching snuggies. That is a sign that we have a very wonderful relationship. We like to wear matching stuff. Kinda creepy but not really. 

Gotta a snuggie story? 

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