Morning Glory


If you gave up on me, I don’t blame you. I nearly gave up too. The long lapse in posts is because I had to prioritize things in my life and finding time to write was nearly impossible. I’m going to limit this post just so I can make sure I publish it. Thanks for coming back and encouraging me!

A brief summary, life is good. The burning question is what’s going on with the “romance”? Answer: as indicated in the picture, Nate’s still in love and Lu’s still very fond of him.  I’ll blog more about this as I get those posts “approved.”

Two people who like each other…a lot

But Thursday morning, I awoke to the sweet bristle of whiskers on my face. Wearing my customary and oh so attractive sleep eye mask and two, yes two bite guards, Sleeping Beauty would have been jealous. With all my nocturnal regalia, I wasn’t sure who was giving me affection but I liked it. Then I heard these words, “Sorry, Mama for talking rudely to you last night. It was disrespectful and I shouldn’t have done it. Will you please forgive me?” Of course, I knew exactly whom it was and my heart smiled as I accepted his apology.

Please don’t be jealous

You see, on Wednesday evening, my orange-haired, freckle face 14 year old OS had committed several “transgressions” just before going to bed. Why does it happen that one minute everything is going swimmingly then it careens into the abyss? With very little warning, our family is prone to go from peace to war in record time! 

One of our family’s fave books of all time

Ike went to bed still angry and completely certain HE was right as usual. William Steig’s adorable book Spinky Sulks is hilarious and pretty much a biography of my boy! This stubborn recalcitrance is not the way we prefer for our OS to enter Dreamland but Ike wasn’t going to budge. I believe the technical words for this condition are SIN and PRIDE! Definitely from the Hubs’ side of the family. The Hubs still tucked him into bed that night and though I shall never grow tired to hearing the cadence of “good nights and I love you’s” nary a peep echoed from his bedroom. I’m certain he bitterly muttered to himself, “Just remember THEY are wrong. YOU are right!” over and over again.

It is mere coincidence that I am holding something with Attitude. I never have an Attitude! Hrmph!

In addition, our oldest OS called from West Point shortly afterward informing us that he was heading to the hospital. The unpleasant and quite gross remnants of his Christmas trip to El Salvador were lingering FARRRRR too long. Thus our night ended with a resounding thud.

But I knew something or rather Someone would speak to Isaac in a way I could not. In the quiet of his room, a still, small voice, one pure and 100% reliable, would nudge my orange-haired, freckle face OS to make it right with those he loved. Ike wanted nothing to do with my reasons why an apology was warranted but I was certain Ike would never win a round arguing with the Lord.  

I also knew the same Source who would chasten Isaac would also be with my oldest OS at the hospital in New York. I prayed with Nate before he left for the hospital, I can’t even imagine how a mom, let alone the mama of a Soldier does this whole mothering thing without Jesus. Seriously. 

When situations are such that a mama can’t be with her children in difficult times, it is comforting to know that God is perfectly equipped to be there. I need to remember this as my OS navigate life…Nate will one day be serving his country elsewhere probably far away, Aaron has a heart for ministry and graduates high school next year, Ike eagerly talks about adopting children one day AND being in the NBA.

Despite our family’s imperfections (and they are numerous!) and our ugliness (simply envision me with the sleeping mask and two, yes two mouth guards!), God cared, healed and repaired. Amen

Thanks for listening! Would love your comments

5 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. Welcome back to the bloggy world! I was on hiatus myself and re-entered last night. :)I enjoyed your post (as I always enjoy them all) and all your pictures. And I love getting a glimpse into the later years with Marcella.Julia

  2. Sweet story. Have you been to my house? Welcome back… we miss you here!I am still recovering from my cadet's visit. He turns into a vampire and we all stay up to the very wee morning hours just to visit with him… wears me out. Then the I-Phone glitch happened and he missed his 5:45 flight… but all was well in the end.craziness.

  3. ah so great to have you back and to have an update. Sounds like you are being kept on your toes but that your eyes are fixed in completely the right direction. Keep going! I hope your eldest OS is feeling better…

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