Chuck Norris is in da house!


So basically it was just your typical day at West Point. You know, cadets in ACUs or as-for-class uniforms, cadets correctly addressing each other, cadets jogging by one another or concocting some buffoonery to torment on a fellow cadet. (Oh, how I wish I could blog about that but I can’t because a certain cadet would disown me!)

However, there really isn’t anything typical about West Point. Many notable people stroll this stately place. Geraldo Rivera, Miss USA and the President of El Salvador (prior to the communist takeover of that beautiful country) have been to WP. The Prince of Orange was at USMA this fall and I’m not ashamed to say this, I had no idea anyone could be the prince of a fruit! Actually it’s the Netherlands – DUH!

Recently, Trace Adkins gave a no-holds-barred concert which was resoundingly NOT politically-correct. Yeah, West Point has brought some heavy hitters on post.

But none, and I mean, NONE as cool and awesome and wonderful and every other adjective imaginable ever known to humankind as the man/myth/hero who came by on Tuesday.

The day before Veteran’s Day, West Point was ridiculously exciting because…drum roll, please…

Chuck Norris paid a visit to WP!

My son was unable to meet him personally, shucks, but Chuck Norris was announced in the Mess Hall as my OS was running to class from the auditorium. I guess that’s a good thing because Nate was worried about getting a roundhouse kick from him! HA! And although Nate didn’t meet Chuck, one of his buddies got a high-five from him and another had a photo op with the guy! What luck!

Chuck Norris is the man. He respects and supports the military.

He speaks his mind but with tact and passion. Every time I have seen the guy on tv, he sounds genuine and humble despite all the adulation. I understand that Chuck stayed well past his initial commitment and signed books for well over three hours. Solid.
Today ESPN is reporting from West Point and I am thrilled that the Army is getting some good press.
These last couple of days have been so sad and concerning…

In honor of Chuck’s visit to West Point, here are some Chuck Norris jokes for your reading pleasure…

If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors.

The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.

4 thoughts on “Chuck Norris is in da house!

  1. Awesome is what it is! Great pics…thanks so much.Yesterday with all the ESPN coverage, was an incredible PR day for West Point. Loved every minute and it cut into my productivity because I couldn't stop watching.Tried to call my cadet all day long and didn't get him until late that night. Me:Clayton, today was awesome at West Point…what did you do?Answer: Ha…I slept until 4:00.Me: Whaaaa? 2000 cadets did a ruck march this morning and you missed it!Answer: Well…2000 cadets also slept in…ha.My unpredictable son. I'm cutting him some slack this time because he was very sick last week…but…He did watch the coverage on TV, however…go figure.

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