Killing dust bunnies and other various enemies, part one

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I now know where my oldest OS got his military ambition. Some of it came from his grandpa who is retired Air Force. The Hubs applied to the Air Force Academy (declined) and was a runner-up in at the Naval Academy, so let’s say Nate’s daddy passed on some military inclinations too. But I know where most of it came from. Friends, Nathan got his warrior mentality from me.

How can I say this with such bravado? I know this because last week I cleaned Aaron’s and Isaac’s rooms. They are 15 and almost 13. Cleaning their rooms requires a Soldier’s strength.

Anyone with teenage boys knows what I’m talking about. I blithely walked into Aaron’s room the other day, not looking for trouble and I was appalled to find it an utter mess. I can’t even remember what I was looking for. But I do know this, I wasn’t looking for the huge project which befell me AND the Hubs and even Ike. For when I saw the room in shambles, it was then and there, I purposed to do something about it.

Thankfully I did not find any food. No moldy sandwiches or half-eaten candy nor did I uncover anything really disgusting or smelly. One time I found my long-lost blue bra under a bed but that was a while ago!

But there was dust, disorder and decorating disasters everywhere. I was thick in the battlefield armed only with a vacuum, a dust towel and a computer which played soothing music to distract me. Oh, how I wanted to give up but as any good Soldier will tell you, you must destroy your opponent. And that I did and then some.

In my subsequent posts, I will show you the transformation. Aaron’s room was defeated and I remain vainglorious (in a good way). Wait till you see how his room came alive!

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