A breath of fresh air

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I loved the people and the landscape but one of the things I loved the most about El Salvador was the breezes. You know how the wind gets really strong and blustery just before a drenching rain? Well, minus the rain, that’s what the November breezes were like in El Salvador. Simply wonderful!

And during my mission trip, we did laundry, pined it on the line and in mere minutes the fresh air dried the clothes. There is nothing better than the smell of laundry warmed by the sun. So many incredible experiences during my 10 days in El Salvador but the simplest one for me was the tropical breezes.

If my camera would have cooperated, I would have much better pictures, but here’s a tiny slice of life.
Today is blazing hot and in an effort to capture those moments and faraway feelings, feeble as it might be, I asked the Hubs to install a clothesline in our garage. Yes, it’s a farrrrrrr cry from what I enjoyed in El Salvador but I longed to bring those moments home with me.

Since we have covenants in our neighborhood, I can’t hang the clothes line outside. It has to be in the garage. If anyone saw a clothesline in the backyard we’d get a charming notice from the Covenant Police

which is something I’d rather avoid.

This idea might be an epic fail but it was worth a try, right?

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