My New Job

Well I wasn’t going to be looking for a new job, that is until


I was minding my own business at Carolina Beach, just waiting for my food order. I began reading Beach Buzz and an ad grabbed my attention. It spoke to an undiscovered part of
me. You know I like making things but I never imagined this.

I have been working in the non-profit industry for nearly eight years but now I’m ready to bring in some cold, hard cash making…

And not just regular lamps, friends.

I’m gonna make SQUIRREL LAMPS!!!

And I know the first squirrel I can use. It’s the one Ike took a picture of several weeks ago. A lounging squirrel lamp would be perfect in someone’s living room.

Our neighbors recently had a 25 pound snapping turtle on their lawn. Our neighbor was so freaked out about it, he knocked on our door and the hubs lugged it back to the pond. It jumped and did its customary snapping thing at the hubs. Next time it comes ’round here, I’m going to have the hubs capture it and I can work on making a snapping turtle lamp for a deserving soul.

I just can’t contain myself, this is gonna be good!


1. I’m not sure a fee structure so how much do you think I should charge? (Hint: if I were you, I’d put your order in early before my prices go up.)

2. If you could make a lamp out of any animal in the world, what would it be?

3. How much would you pay for a squirrel lamp?

But wait, what is this??? Have I been punked?


2 thoughts on “My New Job

  1. Yes, I'm finally getting around to reading your blog about the job. I think the job is perfect for you, but I think animal activists might close your shop pretty quickly. However, I would like to see you make one of a snake and an anthill one. ;o9

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