A boy, a summer and two sweet potatoes


Take one mom, a 12 year old son and two sweet po- tatoes and whad- dya get? These strange and awkward pictures…

It was Sunday and we made our usual trek to the farmer’s market. I’m going to the local farmer’s market so often, I recently was shocked to notice how chilly it is in regular grocery stores! But at the farmer’s market, virtually all the food I purchase is room temperature (at least until things really heat up around here.)
And in addition to buying this amazing goat cheese, green lettuce and other treasures, (I have a good supply of beets, thank goodness!) we bought a trusty stash of Beauregard sweet potatoes. As usual, our family likes to pick out the funny shaped tubers because well, we like to laugh while preparing and eating our food. There are some very hilarious shapes, let me tell you ~ especially if you are the mom of three OS!

We purchased these big fellas complete with our standard sweet potato chuckles. When we got home and it was time to get dinner ready, I asked my trusty sidekick, my little orange-haired OS, Isaac to help me. We stoked up the grill but before we put those suckers on the hot coals, I used my creative genius, (yes I said genius) and took these pictures.

I am the proud mama of a Soldier, a fella heading out to Guatemala to serve Jesus for two weeks and now, at long last, I am the mama of a…

spud muffin

So next time you have your pre- teen child nearby and some healthy food around, don’t forget the camera! Duh!

4 thoughts on “A boy, a summer and two sweet potatoes

  1. I picked up some of those Beau potatoes a few weeks ago to cook and freeze for Charlotte. They did not make it to the freezer. They almost didn't make it to her! They are seriously the best sweet potatoes I have ever had. And in the language of "Shag," the greatest southern movie ever made, I would have to say that your Ike is a sweet potato.

  2. Isaac,I must say that you do look "spudly." I'm glad you're a good sport cause when Aaron goes off to college you may be the last OS left for your mom's blogging purposes.Sharon–you have corrected me on several words so I don't feel bad telling you this–the word is "TATERS" not "PO-TATERS." I am qualified to tell you this–my mom's family came from Idaho.Paul

  3. The Farmer's Market is great, but my backyard is even more wonderful! I have enjoyed being able to out my backdoor and through the gate to my own little farmer's market. I can't even tell you how many ways I have prepared hot peppers. Sara has been eating the bell peppers like they are apples and we even harvested (I like that word) some baby greens (lettuce) today. It was all so yummy! My squash is just about ready to pick and the cucumbers are not far behind. The beans have a little ways to go yet. Of course, you don't have to water and weed at the real Farmer's Market! That is an extra incentive to go there instead 🙂

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