A phunny theeng happened while on the way to Bible study…

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Yesterday while driving my son to a teen Bible study, we got stuck in traffic. Just down the street from our house, there had been a terrible accident. Sirens were blaring and it sounded like the entire town’s emergency response teams were in motion.

The police had created an alternate route and Aaron and I joined the long line of cars filling the street. I saw a traffic sign blinking information and wondered if the signs mentioned anything about the accident. I began reading the sign but became confused. I have been reading for a really long time and have an extensive vocab but I couldn’t figure it out. It’s not because I’m stupido either, folks. Heck, I even taught myself to read before I started kindergarten. I started with the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Dictionary and it’s been uphill since then. But still the sign didn’t make any sense. 

So I was reading the traffic sign and this is what it said. 


Thank goodness I had my camera in my car. I had brought it with me because I had a dentist and a doctor appointment and anticipated some bloggable moments. Praise the Lord, I had no worthwhile bloggable moments, glory!

What is a road construction being? Is it a monster like a King Kong? Should we be evacuating the area immediately! YIKES! Run for your life!

But since I am an avid collector of typos, (I have collected them from several countries, thank you very much) I told Aaron, “Quick, get the camera and take a picture!” Aaron took a picture but I didn’t think it was a good enough shot so I did what a fine purveyor of typos does. I did a quick U-turn so we could get back in the traffic to take another one. 

Don’t you think this picture is much better? 

Can I give you a piece of advice? If your middle OS is going to a teen Bible study and he is worried about getting there on time, just know it will tick him off if you turn the car around just to get a picture of a typo. For a short period of time, you will experience tension but he will get over it, especially if you get him there on time. Just a helpful little FYI. Consider that my public service announcement for the day. 
Well, I have to go now. My mom is out of surgery, her wrist has been fixed. I’m sure I’ll have more typos to share in the future…

One thought on “A phunny theeng happened while on the way to Bible study…

  1. I love it! My favorite ones (more like pet peeves really) to notice are actually grammar errors…how many time’s have you seen apostrophes used incorrectly? (that was intentional, btw)Paul

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