The bruise from "you know where"


Last Friday, my oldest OS was trying to be a nice guy so he went to give blood at West Point. While there, the nice lady asked him if he wanted to give blood or platelets. My OS said, “blood” but then the nice lady suggested he give platelets because they help more people. Being a nice guy, he threw caution to the wind and agreed. He had no idea he would soon regret his decision. 

They inserted the needle and the process began. It was taking longer than he expected and Nate noticed that his arm began to hurt. It hurt just a little bit but then the pain increased to the point where he summoned one of the attendants. Immediately they took out the needle and shortly thereafter my son left the center.

He called and told me that he had given platelets. I complimented him on being such a humanitarian and caring about others. Then he said his arm was hurting and he had a bruise.

I have given blood (for medical tests) and I too, have had some minor occasional bruising. My DH is a regular blood donor. We like helping others and believe giving blood is a very good thing. Being a dutiful mom, I casually mentioned that I was sorry he had a bruise. Poor baby. 

Then he called me a couple of days later and said his arm was still hurting and he still had a bruise. “Ok,” I thought to myself, “that stinks but those things happen.”

Yesterday he sent me an email. This time he included a picture. It was of his arm. And the “bruise.” 

HOLY SMOKES!!!!! That’s not a bruise, that’s a 

It looks like after Nate gave blood someone ran over his arm with a truck! And then put the truck in reverse and ran over the arm again!!! This picture was taken five days after he had given platelets!
My eyes bulged out of my head when I got the picture. Without a second thought, I googled American Red Cross. I got the number and called to get some advice. Honestly, I wanted to drive all the way to West Point, pick up my boy, his mangled arm and take him to Panera Bread because that makes everything better. I wanted to take care of him but it’s a 10 hour drive. They suggested he see a doctor (yeah, right) and apply warm and cold compresses to the bruised area (yeah, right).

Apparently it’s true, these things happen. They said my son’s veins might not have been able to tolerate the procedure. My OS who excels at nearly everything, apparently did not do so well when giving platelets.

It stinks too, because he has a very important upcoming physical fitness test and he has been unable to work out since his arm has been hurting so badly.

And everyone is noticing his disfigured arm. He’s in class and his fellow cadets say, “Zheesh, man, what the heck happened?” or “Dude, what did you do to your arm?” or other things I have chosen not to print because they contain cuss words and some Army guys cuss. 

My OS was complaining to one of his roommates about his arm and at first his buddy thought Nate was exaggerating a bit. Then he saw how Nate’s entire arm was covered in these horrible hues of red, blue, purple, green and mustard yellow and realized Nate wasn’t being a baby. 

I completely support being a blood donor but I like my boy’s arms in their normal, lovely flesh-colored tones.

7 thoughts on “The bruise from "you know where"

  1. I can’t tell you – well, really I can because here I am telling you again! how much your posts mean to me – my son is at West Point, too, and I SO SO SO relate to your thoughts of driving up there at times to scoop my son up and take him away – just to give him a hug and a good meal. Alas, there are no Panera breads in site, I guess a McDonalds would have to do.Blessings and keep writing and sharing. You are brave.Margie

  2. “take him to Panera Bread because that makes everything better??!”You are such a “Mom”!! Sweet, loving, very cute, and very very silly.Love ya.

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