Mrs. Davis gets a Snuggie


Aaron and his study buddy Brianna were prepar- ing for an up- coming test. I was in the kitchen minding my own business. Making a delicious and nutritious dinner while simultaneously listening to their conversation, you know, the things all good mommies should do. 

There was a break in their conversation when I overheard Aaron mention to Brianna, “Did you know it’s Mrs. Davis’ birthday tomorrow?” I can’t explain what happened next but in less than 10 minutes something really weird happened. On an impulse, I offered to make Mrs. Davis a birthday present.  I’m also not sure why I didn’t just volunteer to make a pretty card but for whatever reason, I offered to make Mrs. Davis a snuggie! That’s right, you heard it, I offered to make Mrs. Davis a snuggie!

Now I have never made a snuggie before but thanks to a quick google search, I found a free on-line pattern. Here it is for you if your son’s Spanish teacher needs a snuggie. It looked really easy! Mrs. Davis was going to love her snuggie, I knew that deep within my soul.  It would make her part of American pop culture and oh so snuggly. As we all know, snuggies are the latest craze. I crack up every time I see the commercial, doesn’t everyone? I realized the popularity of the snuggie when one day, while having sushi with my husband, I saw a group of teenagers at the Walgreens walking out with a snuggie apiece. That’s how I knew snuggies were da bomb. Here is a YouTube video about the snuggie. Please take a moment to

With no time to waste, I set to work on the snuggie immediately. Because I am a fabric fiend, I have quite a stash of material just waiting for a project. I knew immediately what material would make the perfect snuggie. Three yards of blue and green circles made of fleece. Oh yes, Mrs. Davis would look fantastic reading a book on the couch in her snuggie.

But before I could get it to Mrs. Davis, I needed someone to try it on. Aaron was busy studying, Ike is too small, Nate is at West Point, hmmm, whom could I find? That was when my husband fulfilled his lifelong dream and became a model. A snuggie model.

That man was really workin‘ it! As you can see, the camera loves him. Each way he turned, seemed to capture a new dimension to his personality.

We have here the pensive look.

This is the “I see dead people” look.

If Jesus wore a snuggie, I’m pretty sure he’d look like this.

We have coined this picture, the “Do I look chubby in this? shot.

It was sad the morning that Aaron dressed up on Spirit Day as Mr. Grumpy Box of Crayons and gave the snuggie to its new, rightful owner Mrs. Davis. The diminutive Spanish teacher’s mouth dropped open when Aaron stood and presented her with the much unexpected gift! 

She told her students that when her own kids stopped by for a visit, she modeled the snuggie and even took pictures of herself in the poses of the people in the snuggie commercial. 

Let’s hope she didn’t try and imitate the pictures we took of my DH because no one can look as good as my man in a snuggie

13 thoughts on “Mrs. Davis gets a Snuggie

  1. Cindy, that is one of the funniest blogs I have read.I love Mark’s modeling he is a natural and I don’t think you could have found anyone better to show off the snuggie.I think your snuggie is much better than the one on tv.By the way I do have a birthday coming up. I think Denise was also commenting about how she would like a snuggie when she saw the commercial.Aaron was so excited to give his teacher his gift you could see his excitement in the car. Wow he is beside himself with joy. Keep writing about your newest creations. I enjoy your blogs whether they are funny or just sweet you make me smile. I love my snuggie girl. Mama

  2. My kids had a short-term fascination with the Snuggie, but I doubt we will need them in PNG! Actually about 18 months ago, I made for my daughter a fleece … well we called it a “wearable blanket.” I should have patented it then, I guess! :-)It was very much like a Snuggie, but in my opinion the Snuggie is missing one thing – the BACK! I love how the commercial shows people sitting in an outdoor stadium … you gotta know their backs are FREEZING!! So, the wearable blanket is kind of like a nightgown, but really roomy so you can curl up in it on the couch too, and then you don’t freeze your tushie off when you get up to refill your popcorn bowl! 🙂

  3. OK – now I know I’m really out of touch. This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of a snuggie! They look very cool – or warm!About fabric stashes! I am getting more than I could imagine – do you know how much fabric is made in Korea? I can get two yard of awesome cottons for $3! I’m becoming a fabric addict. 🙂 Happy sewing!

  4. I love your blog on the Snuggie, it is so funny that I was laughing out loud. Brianna and her cousin Courtney aka Corn in Florida have been infatuated with snuggies ever since they saw the advertisement for it. I am amazed at all of your talents, your snuggie came out beautiful. Mark is definitely a top notch model and who knew that I would be living on the same street with someone so talented!

  5. BTW – there is this huge controversy over the Snuggie vs. the Slanket. Apparently, there is another company who makes the Slanket accusing the Snuggie people of stealing their idea. You might want to compare products and make a Slanket next time – lol!

  6. Glad I found your blog! Your man looks like a freaked out priest in that snuggie. :o) How cute. Emily Anna was taking sewing lessons before the holidays. We did potholders for Christmas. :o)Julie

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