In Memory of an Incredible Man


Today’s post is in memory of a precious man of God who loved his family and served his Lord to the very end. Strangely I never met him in person but came to know him through my blog. His valiant fight with cancer ended today and I feel honored to in some very small way to have known this man and his amazing family. 

Although Jim probably wasn’t a perfect guy (because there has only been one of them and His name is Jesus), Pastor Jim had his priorities in order. Jesus. Family. Others. He seemed to live his life pouring out the love of Christ to his family and others. Even when unable to respond with words, he would still wink at his wife as the cancer spread through his body. Please pray for his family as they grieve and adjust to life without their husband, dad, son and brother in their lives. May God remind them that He has placed each one of their tears on His scroll. 

Here is a link to Jim’s blog. If you are struggling today and need a proper perspective or if you just want to meet a really amazing person who will inspire you, a few minutes on is worth your time. Have Kleenex nearby. 

Thank you, Jim for the impact you had on my life. My family has held hands and prayed for you so many times. I had hoped to meet you in person but I will look forward to seeing you in heaven. I pray Merrily and I will meet and hug and cry in person one day. Surely you are hearing, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

4 thoughts on “In Memory of an Incredible Man

  1. I cried too. Brings up painful memories on the one hand, and on the other hand, it’s just so hard to think about what that sweet family is going through. But, I know that Jim is whole, celebrating, dancing, and enjoying the precious, perfect peace of Christ. What could be better than that?

  2. hey i don’t know you.. but i know that you knew pastor Bond.. well he was actually my teacher for a few years, and his daughter allie, is my best friend. i thought you might like to read my blog.. thanks!

  3. I spent the morning at Jim’s funeral celebration. What an awesome tribute to Jim and his Jesus! Two hours of remembrance and kind words somehow seemed inadequate… Knowing the connection through your sons, I hope you do meet Merrily in person, because she, too, is a treasure. She is the other half, the completion of Jim on earth. I will continue to follow your blog. I have determined that you are a great ENCOURAGER! I appreciate your perspectives! Thank you for everything.

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