An Open Letter to the Military


To all those who served in the military,

I am sorry that I used to overlook Veteran’s Day.

I apologize for being annoyed when I didn’t get mail because November 11th is a federal holiday. It doesn’t bother me anymore. 

Or forgetting to fly our flag, it has been waving proudly on our porch since last night.
I wish I would have told more of you “thank you” a long time ago but I am now the mama of a Soldier and you deserved my appreciation before then. 
Now I see your Veteran’s hats and your license plates and my heart is beginning to understand.
I notice the bumper stickers of parents of military service people and I want to jump out of my mini-van and tell them I am learning what this means.
My life and this day will never be the same.
Thank you for your sacrifice to defend our freedom.
God bless you for being away from your family, friends and the comforts of  home.
For those birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, even just regular days when you are not surrounded by the people who love you, I am humbled whenever I consider what that must be like for you. 

Thank you for being able to serve our country whether you like the president or voted for him. I didn’t realize that until my own child put it into perspective. 
Thank you for going to places most of us would never want to live or visit. 
I confess that I might have still remained ignorant about all these things if my son hadn’t joined the Army.
You have done your job for your country and all the people in it. Including those completely support your endeavors and those who scoff at your service, those who would never have the courage to give everything up for a cause greater than themselves.
Until my own son made an oath to serve his country and I saw him in his uniform, 
I was naive.
But not anymore, and that is a good thing,
I just needed to tell you this from the bottom of my mama’s heart.
Thank you.

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