Pick my Post


I have several potential posts waiting in my fingers. I often feel like I have words stuffed in my fingers just waiting to be typed out. If you are a writer or a poet, you probably know the feeling.

So help me folks,

Should my next post be:

About brains?

About boxing?

About beds?

Those are the three options in my writer’s head as of noon Wednesday, Oct. 8th. I need help! Which one sounds the most interesting to you? I hope to hear from at least five people before I make my decision. Tawk to me, friends!

8 thoughts on “Pick my Post

  1. I don’t really care cause I think you’ll do great with any or even all if you attempt a hat trick. (I’ll let you look that up or ask your husband….ha) However, as Jim said, the boxing angle interests me because it brings up my memories of “plebe beating.” In boxing it is truly better to give than receive. My record was 1-3.Paul B

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