Pity Party Gains a New Member!


So far, Denise, Jenn, Nancy, Sharon are coming to the Pity Party! It’s never too late to join, we’re having so much fun! Woot!

Big news, the Pity Party has a new guest of honor…my middle OS Aaron! I guess he was jealous that I was having a Pity Party, he just had to join the “celebration.” His birthday is in about 3 weeks but apparently he couldn’t wait to have some attention. Less than a day after my PP was going full swing, Aaron decided he wanted a piece of the action.  

During football practice on Thursday, Aaron got his thumb stuck in a football helmet. I hate that when that happens. The thumb doubled in size and so for the second time in a day, Mark, my super duper DH, took a family member for x-rays. We had just finished eating dinner when Aaron began writhing in pain. 

By going to Urgent Care on Thursday night, we assumed this was going to eliminate the need for Mark to take Aaron to the doctor today. He is behind on work because of all of my problems and interruptions. WRONG! Of course, you guess it.  Mark and Aaron went to the orthopedist this morning. Urgent Care wasn’t sure if our middle OS had indeed broken his thumb so for the third time in 24 hours, Mark is carting someone to the doctor. 
On Monday, he will take our OS to the hand specialist to see if he has torn two ligaments on his thumb. We are learning in a very interesting way that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made.” 

I have asked my disabled mom to help us out in the meantime. She has a knee brace, an infected toe and a host of other medical issues but praise the Lord, she was willing to come over for the next week and has been scrambling about the house doing whatever she can. We are a motley crew!  

We are currently recruiting new members of our family who are ambulatory. If you’d like to be part of this dynamic team and have two working arms and legs, we’d love to hear from you! No need to even send a resume, if you can walk or hold things, you’re in! We won’t even check your references! It’s just that easy!  

Can you believe it? I guess misery really does love company! In all seriousness, folks, we could use some prayers. This is stressful, depressing, not to mention, painful and I’m needing a godly perspective right now.   

This was me minutes before getting the crummy news about my foot…


2 thoughts on “Pity Party Gains a New Member!

  1. Cindy, I’m so glad I could make you smile. I can’t believe the week you have had! My prayers are with all of you, as I know too well that one (or two!) family member’s injury affects the whole house.And can I just say that you have great legs? Geez.

  2. Hope you are finding a good way to get to and from West Point and will sling that West Point bag on the back of your wheelchair or crutches and be ready to greet your NC at A Day. I have so enjoyed your posting and your perspective.Blessings!

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