Tennessee Talent Showcase


Friday marked the day when my mom’s extended family all descended upon Sevierville, Tennessee to begin a five day family reunion. After nearly a decade, over 50 kin from Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina came together and made memories. It has been a wonderful time even without my beloved son. I will blog shortly about my attempts to include him in the reunion though. He was never far from my heart or mind, that’s for sure. 

Saturday was the day of our Talent Show. As many of you faithful readers know, it was going to be the first live performance of Isaac and the Tender Tones. The crowd seemed suspenseful and impressed as we arrived in the family room in our matching, homemade costumes (sewn by one of the Tender Tones!). We heard snickers and laughter but I’m pretty sure it was just jealousy on the part of the less gifted ones in the audience.

Well, I’m not sure what went wrong but let’s just say, Isaac and the Tender Tones still need a little practice. After repeated practices and last-minute changes to our songs, we, well, there’s no easy way to say it, folks, we bombed. It started with a certain “Tender Tone” (aka MY MOM or maybe it was me?) getting the giggles and folks, it pretty much went downhill from there.

Our rendition of the George Gershwin classic, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” was fortuitous.We should have called the whole thing off. Our song from the Broadway hit musical “Tomorrow” was lackluster but highly dramatic. The Tender Tones began singing after Ike had already played the first stanza. He wasn’t sure what we were doing and looked confusingly at us but it was too late to inform him of our last minute musical changes. Being the consummate performers, however, we persevered. I don’t think it bothered anyone, including us but shockingly, we did not win in our talent show category. Hmphf! We do need a lot of work, as you will see. 

It’s hard to have a bad time when you’re in the Smoky Mountains in a beautiful cabin with delightful, loving people whom we are privileged to consider family not only because we’re related but also because we know Jesus. 

Here’s just a brief clip of the first and quite possibly, only performance of Isaac and the Tender Tones, we hope you enjoy. If interested in hiring us for your next event, please feel free to leave a comment and my booking manager aka husband, will get back to you.

4 thoughts on “Tennessee Talent Showcase

  1. Just to keep things hospitable, for those calling in to book the tender tones, please understand that we can not commit to play dates that start after the August 4th as our lead in the brass section will be returning to school.All other calls are welcome.

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