Waiting for Nate…


Thank goodness I’m not a smoker because if I were, I’d have blazed through a carton of cigarettes by now waiting for our son’s 10 minute call from West Point. I know my son is going through Cadet Basic Training aka Beast but my mom had a very astute observation recently. She told me, “You’re going through your own Beast.” Sure, I’m not getting screamed at, I get to chew food in unlimited bites, I’m not up at 5:30am but she was right. Parents of New Cadets go through their own Beast. Moms are so wise.

I have hesitated even to go out to the garage to grab some meat from the freezer for fear I might miss his call. We don’t live in a sprawling mansion so I have no idea how I could miss his call but I grabbed the ground pork and bolted back inside.   

I’ve cried because I haven’t heard from him. I’ve cried because I’m going to. I’ve cried because it’s going to be too short. I’ve cried for the parents whose new cadets have talked longer to their girlfriend or boyfriends than their moms and dads. Waa waa waa, ok, I’ll say it, I’m a cry baby. 

I haven’t hit the gym in two days because I can’t handle the notion of not hearing his voice. So many questions, so many stories, so little time. My husband had to pick Aaron up after mowing some lawns this afternoon. He returned, eyes wide open and stepped into the house, “no call,” was my reply. His heart was both deflated that there was still no word but relieved that he hadn’t missed hearing from his boy.  

It’s nearing dinner time and still no word. We had friends over for dinner and a played few games of Wii last night which provided a nice diversion. Tonight I’m just sewing and waiting. I’m waiting on the Lord’s timing which is always perfect and I’ll be sure to post afterward…stay tuned. 

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Nate…

  1. a watched phone never rings, so they say. hang in there! at least you’ll have more of a conversation with Nate than you do Jon since Jon only says, “I love you, Aunt Deees. Here’s Mom.”

  2. That telephone call finally arrived! I was so excited to hear his voice. I knew that it would be a very short call. He told me that he was at at someone’s home, and that he was having ice cream. I felt so relieved to know that someone was taking care of him, and making him feel comfortable, after all that he had been through. The call was short, but was a great relief to me, especially to hear that he was doing very well.Class of 2009, Very Proud Mom

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