Soldier Boy



When Nathan turned the corner in the Oath Ceremony, I think I saw a little glimmer of a smile. I think he saw us running after him trying to get a few more pictures. This is a picture of Nate marching with his Company. Doesn’t he look so handsome? It was God’s favor that we were able to see our son fairly easily.This was like the most important parade I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life and trust me, I was desperate to see my child! We were already warned we might not be able to spot him and it was recommended to just simply “adopt” a cadet and start taking pictures. New cadet parents then post them on a website and you might just get a picture of your son/daughter. But oh, what joy it brought to my soul when I saw New Cadet Nathan! He was still hanging in there, praise the Lord! His newly shaved head and BCG’s (otherwise known as glasses), his crisp uniform, my son saluted and seemed to be following orders after a blurry day of instruction. No wavering or hesitation, just a steely eyed forward gaze. There were other people shouting things to their cadets, in particular friends and siblings, as for me, I was simply speechless as the tears poured down my face. Mark yelled something like, “Go, Baby!” but I knew Nathan wouldn’t like it if his mom said something cutesy or strange. I have gotten in trouble numerous times for spontaneous outbursts and I don’t think I want to mess around with a soldier! HA! We were absolutely exhausted so I can only imagine how he felt. While waiting for the ceremony, I finished my letter to him and got it in the mail. I have to write him everyday, that is my promise to myself.

The ride back on our nearly final leg of the journey was quiet. Sniffles could be heard from the back and I had to comfort my two remaining olive shoots who were missing their big brother. We all just want to get back home and resume a new level of normalcy and wear all our newly acquired West Point clothes. I will be wearing something West Point every time I go to the grocery store, Target, anywhere there is a chance someone will see me and realize, “Hey, wait a second, that’s not just an ordinary woman, that’s a mama of a soldier in the aisle, wow she’s a West Point mom!” HA! One door is shut, another one is opening, we’re all adjusting to this new season of life…
if you want to read more about this, click here. Jon Scott, anchor on FOX “News Live” shares his experiences when he dropped his own son off at West Point last year. It is really interesting.

5 thoughts on “Soldier Boy

  1. Hi, Cindy-Thanks for sharing your experience today! I was anxiously waiting to hear how everything went. Nathan, I mean, Cadet Nathan, looked so confident! I know God has some great stuff planned for this new chapter of the W-H family! I can’t wait to get back to NC to catch up & sew together! Love, Michele

  2. Hey friend-Thanks so much for writing all of this. I imagine it’s been difficult to write. I can’t get over how much Nate looks so grown up in those pictures, and so much like Mark.

  3. It’s been an intense couple of days. More intense than I could have imagined. Now that we’re home, it’s a bit more quite than I prefer. It gives me pause to reflect on how proud I am of this new cadet’s mother. I know you’ll always question, “what else could I have done? Is there something else I should have said or taught? Did I give him enough time?” I know because I ask myself those questions. But the truth is… you done good. You blessed this boy with everything he needed to become the fine young man that he is. I love you… and I’m proud of you. Now be… ARMY STRONG!and Beat Navy!

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