Sew Much Fun – Chapter 2


Here are some new projects I’ve done in the last week. I’m getting my money’s worth on my super awesome Project Runway Brother sewing machine.

As opposed to cleaning my house or other mundane things, I made:

Napkins for my co-worker who has decided the time of talking about love, sex and relationships is over. She is a big Elvis fan so I made her eight Christmas Elvis napkins and four of reversible, fringe-edged dinner napkins. 

Pillow cases – these are not difficult but NOTHING is as easy as it seems. I made Isaac this digital ACU pillow case in honor of his big brother going to USMA. It doesn’t look especially fancy but I had to think of my “audience” and my OS don’t really want a tricked out pillow case, thank you very much. I’m going to make several of these including one for me so I can feel closer to my son who leaves very soon. It will be a tear-soaked pillow case, btw. I might make that one a little more fun since I will be using it. 

And since I had an abundance of holiday material sitting in my drawer and really like making things, I made this Christmas pillow case and trimmed it with a red and white gross grain ribbon. It is so cheerful and I’m donating it to the family reunion as a prize for an activity planned.  

3 thoughts on “Sew Much Fun – Chapter 2

  1. Whoever wins that Christmas pillowcase should be the happiest person in the world! The ribbon is awesome!! You’ll have to teach me some of your tricks. 🙂

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