Look What I Made!


I did it! I made my first pair of boxer shorts! My DH Mark was the big winner of the blog post where I requested you pick the person and the material. 

I could have gone back and forth to Target eight times and bought boxers considering the amount of time it took to make them but I think it was worth it. I mean, how many husbands do you know that have their own homemade boxers?

It was my first time using the button hole sewer and this was a momentous event. It’s called a utility stitch and my Project Runway Brother Sewing Machine with pink trim is da bomb! My husband is going to be the proudest guy at the gym. While all the other guys are wearing dreary undies purchased at a department store, feeling horrible inside like their wives don’t really care about their undergarments, my precious husband can stand tall. He’ll be strutting all over the locker room walking proudly knowing he’s probably the only guy there that’s wearing his style of boxers.

If you’re interested in making your sweetie some boxers, here is the pattern. 

5 thoughts on “Look What I Made!

  1. I think the boxers are awesome. I am thinking that all the males in your family should be so lucky as to have a pair of homemade, handmade with love boxers. I liked them so much, I don’t want you to make me boxers but a pair of shorts.Love,Mama

  2. Hey Cindy!Look its my first “post.” The shorts look awesome and you did such a good job with them! Nothing against Mark, but thanks for not having any one “model” them. What’s next?See you Sunday!Allison

  3. Everyone will be happy to know that the boxers fit and I look so stinkin cute in them that I can’t even stand myself.Contact me via email for modeling requests.

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